“Social Entrepreneurship in Education” A Panel Discussion

“Social Entrepreneurship in Education” A Panel Discussion


What is Social Entrepreneurship and what are the opportunities in SE?

Can you be a partner of TNF in solving the problems faced by the under-served in Tamil Nadu?

Find answers to these and other questions on social entrepreneurship during our panel discussion.


PV KANNAN: co-founded [24]7.ai in 2000 . He has been leading the revolution to make customer service easy and enjoyable for consumers, from his first company which developed the first generation of email and chat solutions, to now developing a big data predictive analytics platform, creating omnichannel solutions for the web, mobile, chat, social, and speech IVR, and innovating mobile-centric applications.

PRABAKAR SUNDERRAJAN: Prabakar has co-founded and had successful exits in multiple start-ups. Prabakar is Chief Strategist and Co-founder of The Fabric. Prabakar spearheads the technology and strategic elements of The Fabric’s co-creation initiatives, bringing over 30 years of entrepreneurial success to the effort.

PADMAJA SATHYAMOORTHY: In a world full of innovative software, applying technology to solve social problems is Padmaja’s passion. Padmaja is the Technology Director of Skoll Foundation. Padmaja is also a member of the National Coordinating Committee of India Literacy Project (ILP), a non-profit organization working towards 100% literacy in India.

CHOCKALINGAM KARUPPAIAH Ph.D: Co Founder and Director Vetrivel FoundationExecutive with a passion for Energy, Education and Entrepreneurship . EngineeringEnabling free access to quality Tamil educational tools and materials to anyone, anywhere in the world.Completed translating over 2000 Khan Academy videos; Implemented in 30 schools; Benefiting over 5000 students

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